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Five years ago, thanks to numerous reports about "highly dependent kids" in Hong Kong, HK Talent Star was founded to develop children in Hong Kong and the region as confident, independent, creative, communicative, inclusive and empathetic individuals. We are formed by a group with the same vision while of various cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, industries and expertise.

Through various contests and competitions, we have discovered numerous kids with a wide range of talents, and have further developed them to their full potentials.

HK Talent Star believe that it is not necessary to dictate what kids must do. Instead, we have been more than amazed by their creativeness and effective time allocation. Children have not only become "stars" on stage, but also "stars" in their own lives.

Kid Stars are always encouraged to participate in charity and community services. We believe that children can brighten up others’ lives most effectively. By helping the others with their own talents, children’s lives would be more meaningful and complete.

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Kid Star

Talent Discovery

We aim to discover different talents of kids through our various contests held throughout the year:

HK Talent Star Contest
HK Talent Star Model Contest
Stage Kids

Talent Development

Eligible children will then invited to develop their potentials with help of professional Star Coaches:

Excellent Performers of HK Talent Star Contest
HK Talent Star Model Contest Finalists
"Stage Kids" Finalists

Talent Performances

Children are encouraged to express what they have learnt through various events:

Kid Star Performances

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HK Talent Star Events:

HK Talent Star Contest

HK Talent Star Model Contest

Songkran Hong Kong

Performance Invitation
Activity Sponsorship
Speech Invitation

Student/Parent School Organization Others

HK Talent Star aims to
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for talented kids aged 3-13.

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